Business Plans (Bizignite)

The One Page Business Hypothesis tool

It's a fact that businesses with a well thought out plan that adapts as the business progresses is more likely to succeed than a business without a plan, as long as the plan is followed and maintained. As the traditional 25 plus page plan is not very effective, KENOVA has created the Bizignite (C)2011 KENOVA Technologies, LLC.

Bizignite is a tool that captures the 11 basic elements that a plan should contain and puts them onto one page. This makes it the best communication tool and very easy to maintain. It's the ideal tool to present to friends, family, investors and other possible stakeholders to bring them up to speed and get them to understand the business opportunity in the shortest amount of time.

The tool has many more attributes from which you will benefit! It's a free tool and becoming the preferred business plan format by invetors


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