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Accelerating Business Growth Through Clever Business Planning and Crafted Software Applications

Our services are specifically designed for the new business venture, whether it's a startup company or an established operations. We have been working with new business ventures for over 20 years with an assembled team of experts and services to satisfy their special requirements.

What makes us different is that we we don't just do business coaching, or software development, or business planning, or strategic thinking, or marketing plans, or sales plans, or budget plans, we do all of them as part and parcel of our process.

We start with your business idea (new business opportunity) and take it all the way through successful commercialization.

What you can expect working with KENOVA:

Sample of our services:


Anyone can learn a software programming language, begin to "code" and eventually build something, but when you're basing time, money, effort, creativity, commitments, deadlines, long hours on a business with the software at it's heart, the software needs to be robust, delivered on time, to budget and requirements. Unfortunately this is far from the standard.

The KENOVA team has been delivering successful, quality products on time and budget for over 25 years. It keeps itself current and has developed technology from social media to financial, construction to automotive, engineering to business and for many other disciplines.


It is possible to raise money for a software project without demonstrating the software, e.g., by using bullets in a slide presentation, but it's difficult. The wireframe approach, showing screen after screen of the proposed solution is better than a slide presentation, but not much.

The best way to demonstrate an idea is with a final solution, but then that creates the Catch 22, in that the reason you need to demonstrate software is in fact to raise the money to build the solution. KENOVA recognized this conundrum and created the Concept Presentation System (CPS).


If you are looking to go into business or are in business already, you are probably aware that you need a plan, a document defining how your idea is going to be a business. What often gets missed is that the business plan is a communication tool, a living document referred to and revised regularly.

The problem is the typical plan is 25 plus pages, making it hard to refer to and revise, so it usually gathers dust on a shelf somewhere. What makes matters worse is that investors usually don't bother to read the entire business plan, preferring to flick through it, or request a slide deck presentation.


It is common for startups to need to get to market and revenue quickly, to help pay the bills and / or prove to investors (current & future) that the target customer is willing to pay for the product or service. The problem with the typical software partner is that this is not in their best business interest, i.e., they want to stretch the project out as long as possible. KENOVA on the other hand invests in it's clients so it is motivated differently.


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